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Can I Use My Phone to Open My Garage Door?

Can I Use My Phone to Open My Garage Door?

With the advanced technology that we have these days, it has gotten quite difficult to think of tasks that a smartphone cannot perform. Find you a date? Check! Let you catch up on your favorite TV series? Check! Open your garage door? Check! Who knows, pretty soon, it just might wash the dishes for you, too!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s focus on one task for now: getting your smartphone to open your garage door. It may sound like such a trivial thing, but to anyone who is always “too tired” to get out of the car after a day’s work, who keeps forgetting to close the garage door upon exiting, or who loses his/her keys and/or remote control every now and then, this technology is heaven-sent. Now, you might be wondering what the big deal is—keyless garage doors have existed for about a hundred years now, but this recent technology features a whole range of beneficial functions, explains Discount Garage Door, a local repair company. Discount Garage Door is an expert of garage door repair in Edmond

How Can I Use My Phone to Open My Garage Door?

In this modern age, apps appear to rule the world—and an app is exactly how you would turn your phone into your garage door opener. Internet-dependent garage door opener apps work by sending signals between the router and garage door device. The market these days offers a variety of devices that allow you to automate your garage door by installing an app on your smartphone, whether iPhone or Android. Here are our top picks:

1.    iSmartgate – This app’s main selling point is their customer’s privacy, operating as a non-cloud platform where users’ information is stored locally. 

Top features: 

  • Compatible with HomeKit and Google Assistant
  • Can manage up to 3 doors
  • Waterproof wireless and wired sensors
  • User management feature that allows access customization
  • Video streaming and recording

What could be your favorite feature:

  • App customization that allows you to choose music that automatically plays when leaving your home and when coming back

2. Aladdin Connect – This app does more than just allow you to monitor whether your door is open or closed; it also informs you of any change to its position and whether it is done via the app or manually. 

Top features:

  • Allows homeowners to give access to different users, either temporary or permanent
  • Allows homeowners to set doors to close at any time
  • Allows homeowners to set doors to close after a certain time frame
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 
  • Allows homeowners to know if another authorized user is using the app to control the door

What could be your favorite feature:

  • Keeps access history for each opener to allow you to track every exit and entry

3. Open Sesame – This app boasts of a Bluetooth function, allowing you to operate it even without an Internet connection.

Top features:

  • Works on both iPhone and Android phones
  • Each device has a unique password and QR code
  • Operates within a range of 100 feet
  • Compatible with most garage doors with a console or wall switch
  • Pay only for the device and get the app for free

What could be your favorite feature:

  • The device can be paired with an unlimited number of phones—perfect for when you regularly host events at your home.

Advantages of Garage Door Opener Apps

You might be thinking that you’re already sold with your existing remote control-operated garage door, but these advantages could help you consider making the switch to garage door opener apps:

  • Peace of mind – As a homeowner, security is always the number one concern, especially when you have children. With these garage door opener apps, you get better peace of mind knowing that your garage door cannot be accessed by just anyone. You can also track your garage door activity through access history and video recordings. 


  • Added protection – Garage door opener apps instantly send you an alert whenever someone else opens your door, allowing you to respond accordingly especially when you are not expecting a visit or somebody to come home at that certain time. 


  • Hack-proof – Hacking is a constant worry that comes with most technology, and if hackers could infiltrate your home security system, then that would definitely put your family at risk. Fortunately, most garage door opener apps use secure codes that are communicated only between your phone and your garage door device, preventing hackers from gaining access to your home. 


  • No more leaving the garage door open—or driving back home to check if you actually left your garage door securely closed. Not everyone has the luxury of time to keep driving back home to check if the garage door has been locked, but, on the other hand, it’s a huge risk to leave your home’s security to chance. With a garage door opener app, you can check and even close your door at just a tap of a finger.