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Why Isn’t My Doorbell Working?

Why Isn't My Doorbell Working?

If your doorbell isn’t working, it can be frustrating. Luckily, doorbells don’t break very often. This also means that you might not know how to fix it. There are several reasons why your doorbell might not be working, says Oakley Electrical Contractors, seasoned electrical contractors in Newport. Here’s everything you need to know about why it’s broken and how to fix it.

Why Might a Doorbell Not Be Working?

There are a few possible reasons that your doorbell may not be working. Once you figure out why it’s not working, you can fix it. Here are some of the possibilities.

  • Button: The button on your doorbell may not be working. If it doesn’t move, you should clean it. Try using a cloth and rubbing alcohol. If there is no buzz or noise, a replacement is needed.
  • Chime box: The chime box might be broken. Use a voltmeter to see if you get a signal. Have someone press the doorbell while you do this.
  • Faulty wiring: The wiring might be off. Physical damage can occur over time. This is something to leave to the professionals.
  • Transformer: The transformer might be the issue. If the chime box isn’t signaling, the transformer may be the problem. This is a more advanced issue that the experts can fix.

How to Determine What the Problem is

According to Family Handyman, you need the following tools:

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Electrical tape
  • Flashlight
  • Low-voltage wire tester
  • Non-contact voltage tester
  • Wire stripper/cutter
  • 18 gauge wire
  • Wire connectors

First, make sure that the wiring is in good shape. Keep an eye out for damaged wires. Next, test and repair the switch. Then, you can test the chime using the low-voltage tester. Finally, you will test the transformer with a low-voltage tester.

By doing this, you can narrow down what the actual problem is. Then, you know how to fix it.

Be sure to clean everything as you inspect the doorbell. A little rubbing alcohol can make a big difference. This can solve the issue sometimes.

How to Fix a Doorbell Yourself

According to DIY Network, you can fix the doorbell button yourself. It won’t take long, it’s inexpensive, and it is easy.

First, you will shut off the power. Always turn off the power before working on your doorbell. Then, you need to remove the broken doorbell. Remove the wiring from the doorbell.

You might need to caulk the old screw holes. Look at the new doorbell to see if the existing holes will work.

Then, you will connect the new doorbell. The small wires need to be connected to the small screws of the doorbell. Finally, attach the doorbell. You might need to drill new holes. Then, screw the holes in to secure the doorbell.

Do You Need a Professional to Fix Your Doorbell?

Most of the time, you can fix your doorbell yourself. According to American Home Shield, there are reasons to hire a professional.

If your doorbell has wiring issues, that’s a good time to call an expert. Also, if you have transformer issues, you should leave that to the professionals. These are more difficult projects. They may need someone with more experience.

To replace a doorbell, you do not need a professional. It’s a basic task that nearly anyone can do. You may hire a professional if you are not familiar with do-it-yourself projects. Then, you can trust that it’s done well.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Doorbell Fixed?

This repair may cost $200 to $250. The expense is worth it. Plus, any wiring will be up to code. You will save time and money in the long run.

How Often to Replace a Doorbell

Your doorbell isn’t something that breaks often. They are pretty durable. For most people, a doorbell lasts 10 to 15 years. In some cases, you may need to replace the doorbell sooner. Overall, they last a while and are affordable.

How Much Do Doorbells Cost?

The cost of doorbells varies. Now, smart video doorbells are growing in popularity. Those are more expensive than your average doorbell.

Smart video doorbells cost anywhere from $95 to $250. This depends on the type of doorbell you want. They have different features. Keep in mind that installation may be different.

Basic doorbells can cost as little as $5 at a home improvement store. You will find options ranging from $5 to $25. Most of them function the same way.


There are several reasons why doorbells stop working. If your doorbell gets a lot of use, repairing it is likely important to you. The first step is to figure out what the problem is. Repairing a doorbell isn’t too difficult. In some cases, professional help may be needed. This can help the repair to go more smoothly.