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Can You Claim TPD for Depression? Claim TPD for Depression Today!

workers compensation partial disability benefits

As you go through the TPD claim, you need to understand some of the rules that go with it. The biggest thing to consider here is what conditions will count for TPD and which ones do not. While a serious injury that leaves you unable to work is a given for this kind of claim, the prevalence of mental health conditions can cause a problem as well. If you have a condition like depression, you may wonder whether you can claim TPD for it or not.

If your depression has diminished or otherwise eliminated your capacity as a worker, it is possible to make a claim for TPD. It will depend on your policy and what is listed out in it. Any mental illness that is prevalent enough to keep you from going back to work could help you claim TPD. The depression needs to be bad enough that you are not able to keep working; just having a diagnosis of depression will not qualify you for this kind of claim.

According to my friends at TPD Claims Lawyers, TPD lawyers in Brisbane, many individuals are diagnosed with depression and work with a mental health professional to help them handle the mental health condition and feel better. But if the depression is bad enough that you struggle to get through work and do your job, then it is possible to claim TPD. Let’s take a look at how you can claim TPD for depression.

Is Depression a Condition I Can Claim TPD For?

There are a number of different conditions you can claim when you want to get TPD. If it is something that will prevent you from doing your work and interferes with your current position, then it is possible to do a TPD claim. This does include depression.

If your depression is severe enough that it diminishes or eliminates your capacity as a worker, then you could make a claim on it. This is true of any mental health illness that you have. Keep in mind though that a simple diagnosis of depression is not enough. It is possible to have depression and still be able to get on medication and continue with your current work.

For you to claim TPD for depression, you need to have a diagnosis of depression that will interfere with your social, emotional, and cognitive abilities to a point where you are considered totally and permanently disabled under the terms set out in y our specific TPD policy. Providing this kind of proof to your TPD insurer is not always that simple, so you will need to know the rules before starting.

What Steps Should I Take to Claim TPD for My Depression?

There are a few simple steps you can take to claim TPD for your depression. These steps include:

  • Get a diagnosis for your condition: You can’t claim TPD without getting a diagnosis for the depression. You can talk to your general doctor and get the necessary referrals to get this done.
  • If the depression is due to the job, look into worker’s compensation: If you developed depression or another mental illness due to the nature of your job and you need to take some time off to receive treatment, then you can work with worker’s compensation to start. Talk to your HR department to get this started.
  • Find out if you are able to do a TPD claim: If it seems unlikely that you will be able to go back to your former role at all, then you can look into a TPD claim for mental illness to help handle the issues for you.

Can I Make a TPD Claim for Mental Illness?

There are three questions that you can ask to help determine whether it is possible to make a TPD claim for mental illness. These include:

  • Were you working for the 12 months prior to the mental illness diagnosis?
  • Do you have a superannuation?
  • Have you found it impossible to go back to work since your mental illness was diagnosed?

If you were able to answer yest to all of these questions, then it is likely that you can make a TPD claim for mental illness as well. Keep in mind that the mental illness doesn’t have to relate to work at all to make the TPD claim.

Handling Your Claim for TPD for Depression

If you have determined that your depression is bad enough that you are no longer able to handle work or perform some of the duties you did before, then it is time to look into a TPD claim. Having the right professional there to help with the claim and to walk you through the process will help smooth things out and makes it more likely that you will be able to get the payout that you deserve, without all the hassle.