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How to Move a Hot Tub

How to Move a Hot TubHot tubs are great for relaxing and relieving aches and pains. They are certainly a luxury that is great to have. What about moving one though? That can sound heavy.

According to our favorite local Lynnwood movers, We Like To Move It, Move It!!, whether you are moving a hot tub for the first time after having it installed or purchasing one these tips below can ensure the best ways to make that move much simpler. Let’s get started.

Supplies Will Be Needed.

Before moving a hot tub, do note that supplies will be needed to move it. For instance, you will need a truck that is large enough to move the hot tub or a trailer to attach to a vehicle strong enough to pull it.

The best way to make sure the truck is big enough is to measure the hot tub. This will tell you exactly how much space you will need in the truck to move the hot tub.

Locate Some Help.

Let’s face it, some things are just not meant to be done alone. Moving a hot tub is one of those things. It is time to ask for help if you plan on moving a hot tub yourself without the hire of professional movers. When moving a hot tub, it will require at least four people for the move. This allows for a smooth transition and less likelihood of any injuries.

At you can find more information on why it takes so many people to move a hot tub. Remember safety is always first.

Make A Clear Plan.

You do not want to jump into moving something so large without making a clear route. Plan exactly where you are going to put the hot tub before any lifting is done. This gives the whole crew of 4 clear directions on where to go and where the hot tub is being moved to.

Make sure that the path is clear, so no one trips, and it is a quick and smooth move.

Drain the Hot Tub.

Of course, before any moving is done the hot tub will need to be drained completely of all water. Without draining it, it will be impossible to move it. This can give you time to properly clean the hot tub before the move too. So, use this time to drain t and then clean it fully.

How to drain a hot tub can be found at With some tips on cleaning the hot tub out too.

Turn the Hot Tub on Its Side.

By turning the hot tub on its side, you can use dollies to move it. This makes to move much easier but be careful. This step does still require you to use at least four people.

Once the hot tub is on its side you can slide a dolly under each side. Take straps and secure the dolly to the hot tub.

Once the dolly has been strapped to the hot tub you can then lean each dolly back at the same time. This is where the help comes in still. Once leaned back the dolly then can be wheeled over to the truck. If the truck has a ramp, then the hot tub can be wheeled directly into the back of the truck.

You can visit on how to use dollies to move a hot tub for more helpful information.

Help Is Needed.

When the hot tub is being moved by two people on one end with the dolly’s the other two people can guide the side of the hot tub just helping keep things steady. This can help the process of a moving a hot tub run smoother. As it is almost impossible to move a hot tub without any help.

Allow for Proper Set Up.

Before placing your hot tub in its new location be sure that the ground is level. If the hot tub is being placed on a patio, make sure the area is clear. For other areas, a hot tub mat can be used. However, the ground will still need to be level to properly place the hot tub in its new location.

Once to New Location.

Now that the location has been determined and the route set up the hot tub can then be moved according to the steps listed below. Sometimes other items in the yard can make a hot tub more difficult to move. Consider temporarily moving those items or finding a way to move the hot tub around them. You can always consider a different route when moving a hot tub.

Do Not Move Yourself.

A hot tub is a very heavy item. Do not try to move it yourself. Make sure that you have enough people on hand to help move the hot tub properly. That way everyone is safe and nothing gets damaged in the process.