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How Much Does a Garden Room Cost?

How Much Does a Garden Room Cost?Generally, one of the first questions that comes to mind when we decide that we really want something is, “how much will it cost me?”. Unfortunately, with garden rooms, there is no straightforward answer. The price is dependent upon many factors such as size, type of building material, what features are included with your chosen garden room, the company you decide to buy from, and so much more.

Important Factors to Consider


The size that you want your garden room to be is one of the main factors to consider when trying to figure out a rough estimate of how much it will cost you. Obviously, a bigger garden room is going to be more expensive than a smaller one.


As Outdoor Building Group, which builds garden room in Scotland, explains, whether your garden room is modular or bespoken is also an important factor when determining price. A bespoken garden room is one that is tailored to your specific preferences. With this type, you can have whatever layout your imagination can dream up and then have it built right there on site. It comes at a price though! These are the most expensive ones, depending on the degree of personalization you incorporate.

A modular design is what you want to go for if you are aiming for cost savings. A modular design is one that you choose, like picking a house to buy. It is manufactured in a factory. You often have basic customization options when purchasing a modular garden room, but you can’t make any major changes because it is already designed. They are delivered to you and installed upon arrival rather than being built on-site like bespoken ones.

Building System

Usually garden rooms are built with tongue and groove exterior wall cladding. You can also choose brick and other building material, but this will be more expensive.

Another option for your chosen material is SIPs. SIPs are Structural Insulated panels. They have a lot of features that timber does not have. SIPs are usually used for light commercial and residential use. There are a lot of advantages to going this route. It is stronger and more durable than timber and already insulated, among other things. If you go with SIPs, you are saving money in the long run, according to Timber Frame HQ, because they are airtight and therefore save money on energy.

Interior Finish

Everyone wants a pretty and shiny interior! Cedar is on the high end compared to other finishes on the market. You could go with drywall, sheetrock, or paneling interiors if you want to stay on the cheap side of things and still look great. Brick, ceramic, and concrete are also options. Be sure to research the prices of specific interior finishes before you decide on one because they differ widely in price range.


This is the fun part! The features are what make you feel at home in your new garden room. There are must-have features like electricity, heat, air, and plumbing. Then there are the dream features that you don’t necessarily have to have but you really want! You may want it to have a built-in kitchen, a shower, a TV hook-up, or things along that line. All these things cost extra and will need to be factored into the price. If you chose a bespoken garden room, you have so many more options because you are the designer!


You could have your garden room put on a concrete or wood foundation. Wood foundations cost less money, but concrete is worth the money because it lasts longer than wood. Wood foundations are susceptible to rot, bug infestation, and water damage, which will cost you more money in the long run than the concrete foundation. Concrete foundations are more durable and do well in the elements.

If you are going for cheap, I suggest you look in to a small modular garden room with only the necessary amenities like heat, air, and insulation.

Get Professional Advice

As you can see, a lot of figuring goes in to trying to get an idea of how much you are going to have to pay. According to Real Homes, you will pay anywhere between £2000 and £30,000 for your modular garden room and between £800 and £1,600 per square meter for a bespoken one. Which one you choose all depends on the budget you have available for your garden room.

If you are serious about it, get in touch with a design expert. This way you can lay all your plans on them and let them come up with an estimate for you, because trying to figure it out on your own will likely just leave you with a headache and no answers to your questions. Plus, there’s no way to know how much it will cost you until you do talk to a professional.